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*Harmony *Excellence *Integrity *Resilience *Stewardship

Mission, Vision and Core Values


As members of MHCS, a Christian Chinese-Filipino educational institution, we envision ourselves to be a community of life-long learners who strive  to role-model harmony, excellence, integrity, resilience and stewardship,  as we remain committed to fulfill our God-given purposes. 


Makati Hope Christian School exists to fulfill God’s purpose by providing holistic Christian education for students from different cultures to be Christ-like, innovative, and responsive to the needs and challenges of the times.

Core Values

To effectively carry out its goals and maintain its testimony as a Christian educational institution for God’s glory, Makati Hope Christian School as a community upholds:
HARMONY in the home, school, and country by instilling family-oriented values, responsible citizenship, loyalty and appreciation for the humanities and the arts;

EXCELLENCE in body, mind and spirit by practicing healthy living, developing creative and critical thinking, effective communication skills, IT proficiency, entrepreneurial skills and cultivating Christian maturity;

‚ÄčINTEGRITY by exercising moral discernment and by demonstrating courage to do what is right;

RESILIENCE by showing emotional strength and displaying perseverance in the face of challenges and by manifesting flexibility and agility in response to changing times; and

STEWARDSHIP by utilizing gifts and talents to the fullest extent as lifelong learners.