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MHCS Experience

Makati Hope curricula incorporate a three-fold blend of classroom instruction, mentoring intervention, and experiential learning.
Our Early Childhood program – which offers Pre-Nursery, Nursery, Kinder, and Grade 1 – adopts a developmentally appropriate and progressive approach that aims to provide effective and fun training for our young children. This adequately prepares our children for the demands of the curriculum for the elementary level.
Our elementary and high school program, on the other hand, aims to develop competencies that will equip our students to meet the demands of the changing times and to prepare them for greater challenges in premier universities in the country and abroad. Our program includes the DynED instruction, Practical Music Course, bookkeeping and accounting subjects, alongside our expanded Math and Science program.
Makati Hope offers intensive Chinese language instruction from Early Childhood to High School. Christian Education is also integrated in all subject areas, as well as chapel services and other enrichment activities, to instill Christian values and principles.
Through our Information and Technology program, students learn about Visual Basic and C programming, web design, application, desktop publishing, and media software.
In summary, the school’s personalized and focused education features the following: