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Interest Clubs

Journalism Club
The Journalism Club is composed of a pool of students who take charge of Makati Hope’s various school publications such as the Candle Pen, Teenzville, Dunamis, etc. Members are exposed to the many aspects of campus journalism. They are also trained as writers and publication artists.  
Members              G5-H4 students
Moderator             Ms. Thelma Villarroel
Library Enthusiasts’ Club (LEC)
LEC aims to promote the worthwhile habit of reading. It also aims to enhance skills in information searching among MHCS students using print and non-print materials through various library-based activities and programs.
Members               G2-G4 students
Moderator              Ms. Zyril Elizes–Goto

Scouting aims to mold students to be responsible citizens. Students will also be trained on basic survival techniques and will also be exposed to various outdoor activities.
Members                  G2-H4 students
Moderators                Mr. Sammuel Herrera, Ms. Ofelia Santiago 
Young Christian Scientists’ Society (YCSS)
Established in 1997, YCSS endeavors to promote science awareness among students specifically in the areas of technology and environmental education. Students’ skills and knowledge will be enhanced through programs such as science camps, seminars, leadership training, educational field trips, environmental immersion and other activities sponsored by the Philippine Society of Youth Science Clubs.
Kiddie YCSS               G2-G4 students
Moderator                    TBA

Junior YCSS                 G5-G6 students
Moderator                     TBA

Senior YCSS                 G7-H4 students
Moderator                      TBA
Art Club
The Art Club introduces students to various forms of art such as water color, painting and drawing. 
Members                         G2-G6 students
Moderator                         Ms. Bernadeth Sigua
Anvil of Christian Talents ACTs 1
The Anvil of Christian Talents (ACTs) aims to enhance students’ abilities in singing, dancing and acting as well as build their self-confidence in performing in public.  
Kiddie ACTs 1
(Sing & Dance)                 G2-G4 students
Moderator                         Ms. Emily Nor Cerdeña
Kiddie ACTs 2 (Acting)       G2-G4 students
Moderator                          Ms. Grizelle Ann Consorio
Junior ACTs                       G5-G6 students 
Moderator                          Ms. Emily Nor Cerdeña & Ms. Grizelle Ann Consorio
ACTs                                 G7-H4 students
Moderator                           Ms. Grizelle Ann Consorio
Boys' Choir
The Boys' Choir hones the musical talent of aspiring singers and prepares them to perform in school musical productions. 
Members                           G2-G4 students
Moderator                          Mrs. Lyn Sena


Speech Builder
The Speech Builder improves the communication skills of students and boosts their confidence in public speaking. 
Members                           G5-H4 students
Moderator                          Ms. Roselle Lalog
This club hones the musical talent of aspiring singers and prepares them to perform in school productions.  
Members                            G5-H4 students
Moderator                           Mrs. Lyn Sena