At MHCS, students are offered the dynamic student experience through its various student activities and auxiliary services. These aim to help in developing not only academically excellent students but also young Christian achievers who are well-rounded, passionate, talented and mentally and emotionally sound.

Student services such Guidance and Counseling, Health Services, and Campus Ministry ensure that the school community develops into holistic individuals who are ready to face the demands of the changing times.

Students are encouraged to join co-curricular and extra-curricular organizations such as the Student Council (SC), Young Christian Scientists’ Society (YCSS), Robotics Club, Candle Pen (Journalism Club), Math Appreciation Club, Anvil of Christian Talents (ACTs), Icarus Dance Club, Brigade Philippines, Scouting, Drum Line/Concert Band and Art Club. These club offerings give the students an opportunity to hone their skills, talents and passions.

Students are also given the opportunity to aspire for athletic excellence through its various varsity program offerings: Basketball, Volleyball, Table Tennis, Chess, Badminton, and Track and Field.

Highly anticipated events and activities include the Intramural Games, Back to School Party, Teachers’ Day celebration, Stride for Hope fun run, and Family Olympics – all of these make the MHCS Campus Life diverse and exciting.