MHCS education is founded on the truth that God, the creator of the universe, is sovereign and the source of all wisdom and that man, his creation, attains the highest good and fullest satisfaction when he submits himself to the will of God. It seeks to direct the students to know God more intimately.

MHCS regards students as God’s image-bearers endowed with faculties that enable them to be active constructors of learning. They are viewed as diverse individuals with their own culture, race, family background, age, gender, unique personality and gifts. Thus MHCS endeavors to provide a holistic and multi-faceted education that addresses their needs and develops their potentials.

Acknowledging the family as the primary institution upon which God delegated the task of educating the young, MHCS, as a trustee, works hand in hand with the parents in raising the youth according to the ways of God.