MHCS Student Council

With the aim of developing student leaders who are competent, excellent and socially involved, the Student Council is a great venue for young achievers with strong leadership potential. Using consistent exposure to school event planning, leadership training and community involvement, the Student Council also taps the involvement and cooperation of the student body in developing and implementing worthwhile activities.

Journalism Club

The MHCS Journalism Club, is mainly responsible for school publications such as the Candle Pen, Teenzville, and Dunamis yearbook. Members are exposed to the many aspects of campus journalism. They are also trained as writers and publication artists. They are also exposed to DepEd and NCR-wide Journalism competitions to widen their journalistic experience.

Young Christian Scientists’ Society (YCSS)

Established in 1997, YCSS endeavors to promote science awareness among students specifically in the areas of technology and environmental education. Students’ skills and knowledge will be enhanced through programs such as science camps, seminars, leadership training, educational field trips, environmental immersion and other activities sponsored by the Philippine Society of Youth Science Clubs.

Art Club

The Art Club introduces students to various forms of art such as water color, painting and drawing.

Anvil of Christian Talents (ACTs)

This club aims to enhance students’ abilities in acting, singing and dancing as well as build their self-confidence.

Icarus Dance Club

This club trains highly energetic young people in street dancing and encourages them to use their talent to glorify God.

Peer Facilitators’ Club

This club trains students in the areas of counseling, conflict resolution and behavioral management to equip them in providing emotional support to fellow students.

Drumline/Concert Band

This club promotes continuous musical growth and develops confidence in performing before a big audience. Members are trained to play instruments such as keyboard, piano, drums, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, bass guitar and voice.