• 1985

    Makati Hope Christian School started operation with 25 preschool pupils and 5 teachers.

  • 1986

    Granting of government recognition to Nursery and Kindergarten.

  • 1989

    Granting of government recognition to complete Elementary course.

    Construction of 3rd and 4th Floor Annex.

    Graduation of first batch of Grade VI students.

  • 1990

    Construction of 14 new classrooms, mess hall and walkway with canopy.

    Construction of the Science Laboratory.

  • 1992

    Construction of a new Physics/Chemistry Laboratory.

  • 1993

    Granting of government recognition to First to Fourth Years of General Secondary Course.

  • 1994

    Construction of 4th Floor classrooms.

    Appointment of the Preschool Academic Head, Chinese Academic Head, Prescribed Subjects.

    Academic Head, Registrar, Prefect of Discipline, and Physical Plant Head.

  • 1996

    Acquisition of FAPE software for the computerization of grades.

    Upgrading of Math curriculum by adding the following required Math electives in addition to regular Math subjects:

    • High 1 Statistics
    • High 2 Geometry
    • High 3 Trigonometry
    • High 4 Calculus

    Installation of air-conditioning units, venetian blinds and whiteboard in each classroom.

    Appointment of six subject area coordinators (English, Math, Social Studies, Filipino, Science, and Computer) for closer and effective supervision of teachers.

  • 1997

    First Spring Concert production.

    Renovation of Science Laboratories.

  • 1998

    Launching of the Face of the Year (FOTY) pageant, a charity fundraising event involving students.

    Publication of the maiden issue of Candle Pen, the school’s official newsletter

    Founding of the Young Christian Scientists’ Society.

  • 2000

    Holding of a field demonstration, exhibit and Thanksgiving Service in celebration of the school’s 15th Founding Anniversary.

  • 2001

    Establishment of the Personnel Medical Welfare Fund.

    Upgrading of Science curriculum as follows:

    • High 1 Biology
    • High 2 General Chemistry
    • High 3
      • 1st Sem Organic Chemistry
      • 2nd Sem Introductory Physics
    • High 4 Physics

  • 2002

    Acquisition of SoftMind Solutions software for the computerization of registration, accounting and grading system.

  • 2004

    Creation of the Parent - Teacher Consultative Council (PTCC).

    Acquisition of licensed DynEd computer software and new computers for the Speech Laboratory.

    Inclusion of Basic Accounting course in High 4 curriculum.

    Establishment of the Student Council.

    Founding of the Christian Club, Chinese Club, and Speech and Drama Club.

  • 2005

    Construction of covered court.

    Construction of the Chinese Computer Laboratory.

    Staging of musical play “First Name” and Spring Concert in celebration of the school’s 20th Founding Anniversary.

    Inclusion of Basic Accounting course in High 3 curriculum.

    Start of Extreme Fellowship for students.

  • 2006

    Implementation of Developmental Appropriate Practices (DAP) in Preschool.

    Installation of computer and multimedia LCD projector in every classroom.

  • 2007

    Construction of split-level Library.

    Implementation of Differentiated Instruction and Understanding by Design (UbD) framework in elementary and high school classes.

  • 2008

    Chinese curricular changes: adoption of simplified characters, Hanyu Pinyin, and more emphasis on listening and speaking skills.

  • 2009

    Adoption of Scholastic Assessment and Enrichment Program.

    Acquisition of Tell Me More® software for the Speech Laboratory.

  • 2010

    Staging of the musical play “Star Child” by Oscar Wilde in celebration of the school’ silver anniversary.

    Construction of 4 classrooms and relocation of the library in the new third floor wing.

  • 2012

    Implementation of the K to 12 Basic Education Curriculum to Grade 1 and Grade 7.

    Completion of new 4th floor of the school building.

    Start of construction of additional 5th and 6th floors.

  • 2013

    Completion of 4 new classrooms in the 5th floor.

    Completion of the new gymnasium in the 6th floor.

    Start of operation of elevators for 6 floors.

  • 2014

    Start of operation of escalators for 6 floors.

    Completion of Senior High School classrooms in the 5th floor.

    Opening of the Mac computer laboratory.

    First Alumni Night cum launch party of the MHCS Prestige Card.

    First appearance of school mascots Mac and Kathy.

  • 2015

    Implementation of the automated library system.

    Staging of Spring Concert 2015: The Boy King in celebration of the school’s 30th founding anniversary.

    Granting of Government Permit for STEM and ABM Strands of Senior High School (SHS).

    Implementation of the Contemporary Chinese Program.

  • 2016

    Completion of Student Council Room and SHS Faculty Room.

    Signing of MOA with DLSU as Connect ED partner for SHS.

    Opening of the Mac computer laboratory.

    Offering of revitalized Robotics Club Program.

    Utilization of Google for Education.

    Holding of First Pep Rally.

  • 2017

    Holding of First Dance Marathon.

    Opening of HUMSS Strand for Senior High School.

    Use of XSEED textbooks.

  • 2018

    Granting of Level I ACSCU Accreditation to Preschool, Elementary & High School

    Opening of Arts & Design Track for Senior High School

    Start of partnership with Sister Schools New Zealand