Due to the high demand of parent intervention for students in Nursery and ­Pre-Kinder ­levels in this time of COVID-19 pandemic, the Makati Hope Christian School’s ­Early Childhood Department has launched its own Home­school Program (HSP) for this school year. “In home­schooling, the parent acts as the teacher, also known as the primary instructor,” as explained in the MHCS-HSP primer. “As primary instructors, they are res­ponsible for the implementation of the learning ­instructions and ­activities ­given by the homeschool provider.” With this learning setup, parents are given the freedom to conduct their child’s own learning schedules, based on their family’s needs. “The program integrates biblical values in all the lessons, while it covers all the learning domains just like in the regular Nursery and Pre-Kinder ­classes,” as discussed in the primer. As an institution offering Chinese language learning, the said program is also offering basic Chinese lessons for students. In the MHCS-HSP, ­nursery and pre-kinder students will learn English Language & Lite­racy, Basic Chinese ­Literacy, Numeracy & Mathematical Thinking, Creative Arts, Gross & Fine Motor Skills, Self-Help Skills, and Socio-­Emotional Domain and is suitable for young ­learners, aged 2 years and 10 months up to 4 years and 10 months. Ms. Manibeth Maramba, home­school program coordinator and advisor, said that families registered for the MHCS-HSP will receive books and modules for learning and activities or links to activities, including a copy of the assessment checklists. “I am very excited to see how MHCS Homeschool Program works, not only in terms of the child’s academic ­development, but also in terms of building stronger family relationships,” says Ms. Maramba. ­“The ­parents are very excited and nervous at the same time, but they are showing an enormous willingness to learn.” Story by Candle Pen Head on to Candle Pen Online for more stories: